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Antelope Recovery | Bootstrapped Growth for Mental Health

October 25, 2023 Beacon Media + Marketing Season 1 Episode 33
The Beacon Way
Antelope Recovery | Bootstrapped Growth for Mental Health
Show Notes

The Beacon Way talks with Shelby Robbins, founder of Antelope Recovery, about her virtual mental health program for teens and the journey of bootstrapping growth.

Show Notes:

  • Antelope Recovery, a virtual intensive outpatient program for teens with substance use and mental health struggles, is founded by Shelby Robbins.
  • Located in Boulder, Colorado, Antelope Recovery is bridging the gap between once-a-week therapy and residential treatment for teens.
  • The program offers support for teens following recent mental health crises without long-term care options and also those in need of preventative care.
  • The adoption of the virtual care model in the mental health sector has increased, especially due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Antelope Recovery strives to maintain high-quality care while reaching as many teens as possible.
  • The program uses innovative virtual products to engage teens, including therapy groups in a Minecraft space and conducting group sessions during walks.
  • The issue of teens not completing treatment is a major challenge in mental health care; Antelope Recovery is specifically addressing this problem.
  • The organization is founded on transparency and is focused on building a robust startup team.
  • Antelope Recovery has successfully raised a small friends-and-family round of investment, with considerations of a series A round in the future.


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