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Wired for Addiction: Innovation in Addiction Treatment

September 18, 2023 Beacon Media + Marketing Season 1 Episode 31
The Beacon Way
Wired for Addiction: Innovation in Addiction Treatment
Show Notes

Discover how Wired for Addiction explores biopsychosocial aspects of addiction, the role of mental health in criminal cases, and the power of preventative testing in this powerful episode. 

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Wired for Addiction is an organization focusing on the biological aspects of addiction, providing home test kits and individualized support to help people understand and manage their conditions.
  • They focus on mitigating physiological pain points of addiction and work closely with biomarkers discovered by renowned organizations such as NIH, NIDA, and NIAAA.
  • Their approach goes beyond traditional Western medicine, empowering individuals by identifying genetic defects and providing support specific to personal biochemical pathways.
  • Recommendations made by Wired for Addiction may include various therapies, behavioral changes, and medication, paving the way for a holistic treatment approach.
  • The organization also provides objective documentation of conditions related to alcohol, sex, drugs, gambling, and mental health in criminal cases, contributing to fair and informed sentencing.
  • A significant part of their work involves advocating for the humane treatment of individuals with behavioral health issues, emphasizing the role of mental health in criminal history.
  • They believe that supporting mental health during and after sentence reduces recidivism rates, benefiting not only the individual but also the economy, families, and communities.
  • Wired for Addiction stands for the integration of proactive biomarker testing into routine physical checkups for early diagnosis of potential behavioral health issues. 
  • Their objective is to highlight the importance of early diagnosis and management of conditions like ADHD, underscoring the need for a shift in the way we understand and explain feelings for more diverse diagnoses and treatment plans.
  • They emphasize treating the root cause of problems rather than just the symptoms, cautioning against the sole reliance on medication.
  • A major part of their advocacy is breaking the stigma around addiction, encouraging the understanding of the disease from a scientific perspective and pushing for biological support in addiction treatment. 

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