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Survival to Strength: Conversation with Mass Shooting Survivor Chris Maliszewski

June 20, 2023 Beacon Media + Marketing Season 1 Episode 27
The Beacon Way
Survival to Strength: Conversation with Mass Shooting Survivor Chris Maliszewski
Show Notes

In episode 27 of The Beacon Way podcast, host Jennifer Christensen welcomes Chris Maliszewski, one of the founders behind the Walking Tall movement. Chris shares his personal journey as a mass shooting survivor and how it led to the creation of Walking Tall—a mental health movement aimed at turning tragedy into triumph. The episode explores the importance of vulnerability, storytelling, and the power of human connection in overcoming trauma and promoting mental well-being. Chris and Jennifer discuss the challenges faced in today's society, the worsening mental health statistics, and the need for a different approach. This episode is a source of inspiration and hope for anyone navigating trauma or mental health struggles. It reminds listeners that they are not alone and that healing and growth are possible.

Key-points in the episode:

  •  Guest: Chris Maliszewski, one of the founders of the Walking Tall movement
  • The Walking Tall movement aims to create a mental health movement based on severely traumatizing experiences.
  • Chris is a mass shooting survivor, having experienced a mass shooting on July 4th, 2022
  •  Todd Blyleven, another mass shooting survivor, reached out to Chris and they collaborated to start the Walking Tall movement.
  • The movement believes that vulnerability is strength and aims to help others through their experiences.
  • The Walking Tall podcast is the first part of their movement, where they share stories of people walking through trauma and turning tragedy into triumph.
  • The podcast covers various mental health issues, not limited to mass shootings.
  • The movement encourages people to use the hashtag #WalkTall on social media to identify as part of the movement and show support.
  • They are recruiting ambassadors who are willing to share their stories and be resources for others.
  • The movement aspires to expand its efforts through charitable work and technology initiatives to improve access to therapy.
  • Chris and Todd emphasize the importance of vulnerability, caring, kindness, and listening to help reduce mental health crises and support those in need.

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