The Beacon Way

Embracing and Celebrating Your Culture in Business

May 22, 2023 Beacon Media + Marketing Season 1 Episode 26
The Beacon Way
Embracing and Celebrating Your Culture in Business
Show Notes

Episode Description: In The Beacon Way Episode 26, host Jennifer Christensen interviews Lexi Trainor of Yaaruin Consulting about integrating personal values into business, authentic self-awareness, and celebrating the uniqueness of culture in our businesses.


Key Points From This Episode:

• Lexi Trainor is the CEO of Yaaruin Consulting, a business whose name derives from the traditional Yup'ik women's story knife used to pass down traditional knowledge.

• Lexi has worked diligently to hone in on her self-awareness and offer value to others through her business.

• As an Alaska Native woman, she experienced difficulties growing up due to negative stereotypes and a lack of exposure to higher education opportunities.

• She draws inspiration from Gloria O’Neil, the CEO of Cook Inlet Tribal Council, as well as her own culture’s emphasis on connection and community.

• Jennifer Christensen values differences between people and celebrates how unique perspectives can enhance one another.

• Jennifer Christensen posed the question of how to celebrate and embrace differences and also uplift women as a community.

• Lexi Trainer shared her experiences of feeling like women's appreciation is countercultural, but hopeful that it is changing.

• She described that when putting together her business values, empathy and understanding everyone's life story was a priority.

• Lexi believes that recognizing the struggles of others, even if they are not shared publicly, is the best way to support one another in the community.

• Specifically, she suggests ways such as providing specific help or opportunities for one-on-one or group communication and listening/learning each other’s stories. Ada's story about “ability without visibility not being worth anything” was used as an example.

• Lexi Trainer is a storyteller and strategic communications expert who specializes in Alaskan Native cultural consulting.

• Her services include helping people strategize their branding, social media management and photography.

• She encourages others to be vulnerable and form strong connections with one another through sharing experiences.

• Lexi’s passion lies in providing outreach and education campaigns for people in rural Alaska.

• Jennifer Christensen recommends Lexi’s services, noting her openness and ability to make a difference.


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