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Going Deep: Removing Barriers to Care with Avivit Fisher

February 23, 2023 Beacon Media + Marketing Season 1 Episode 22
The Beacon Way
Going Deep: Removing Barriers to Care with Avivit Fisher
Show Notes

Today we take a deep dive, continuing with what we discussed in our previous episode, into the field of mental health. The conversation today is with a special guest, Avivit Fisher, a marketing consultant who founded REdD Strategy. Her mission is to help mental health private practice owners understand, plan, and enjoy marketing. She wants to educate therapists and clinicians who are starting with what they need, how to structure their messaging, and what language to use so that they are targeting and attracting the appropriate clientele. As listeners tune in, they’ll hear about what brought Avivit to the field of mental health, the problem with the messaging being sent out by therapy marketers, and how she helps therapists remove barriers to reach the right people. She shares her catalyst for pursuing therapy and what lead her to start her own business. For some key insights and great resources, don’t miss this episode! Enjoy. 

Key Points From This Episode:

  • An introduction to our guest, Avivit Fisher.
  • What brought her to mental health field.
  • The problem with the messaging sent out by therapy marketers.
  • How Avivit helps therapists to break down barriers and get to the right language point to reach the right people.
  • We talk about the specific things people are looking for and who your message should target.
  • The catalyst that pushed Avivit in her journey, to want to go and talk to somebody.
  • When Avivit started her business and started helping other therapists.
  • The difference between strategy, tactics, and marketing language.
  • Avivit’s vision for expanding and growing her business.
  • Jen talks about the process of finding a business partner.

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