The Beacon Way

Using Digital Marketing to Attract Talent and Develop Culture

November 18, 2022 Beacon Media + Marketing Season 1 Episode 20
The Beacon Way
Using Digital Marketing to Attract Talent and Develop Culture
Show Notes

Today we have a very powerful tool at our disposal to attract and recruit talent and build an incredible company culture: digital marketing! In today’s episode of The Beacon Way Podcast, we are telling you how you can make use of this tool! You will hear about why you need to be as bold as possible, the importance of celebrating and connecting with your employees, why the way you respond to reviews is critical, how you can take advantage of an internal digital communication tool, and how to inspire employees. We also give you four key areas to focus on when recruiting online, and show you a great example of a company who has made the brave decision to use their own staff on their website! Finally, we talk about why it is essential to move towards having a remote/hybrid working environment. So, to step up your digital marketing and recruitment game, tune in now!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • A webpage that uses marketing to showcase culture, help with recruitment, and attract talent.
  • How you can safely use your staff in marketing to connect with clients. 
  • The importance of being bold in marketing. 
  • Why you need to celebrate your employees and care about their lives on a personal level.
  • A fun thing we do at the beginning of every week to connect with our employees.
  • Four key areas to focus on when marketing for recruitment online. 
  • Looking at your website, about page, and social media. 
  • Reading your reviews and direct messaging your employees or people who know you. 
  • Why you should not avoid nor be afraid of your reviews. 
  • The importance of having an internal digital communication tool. 
  • How being consistently inspiring towards your staff helps everybody in the long-run.
  • Why you should have a remote/hybrid work environment if you can, and why it matters. 

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