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Don’t Forget About Your Support Pages!

August 25, 2022 Beacon Media + Marketing Season 1 Episode 15
The Beacon Way
Don’t Forget About Your Support Pages!
Show Notes

Welcome to The Beacon Way Podcast! Today we have our fourth and final episode on websites. This episode is all about your support pages, and why you shouldn’t forget them! Although they seem like something that should get the least focus, your support pages are more important than you think. We discuss your blogroll, your Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) page, and your contact page to help you to better understand why it deserves more attention than you may be giving it. By building trust, using backlinks and call-to-action functions, providing visual resources, creating sectioned questions, and using chatbots, you will learn why your support pages can be leveraged as an effective tool for customer service!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • A welcome to the final episode on websites!
  • A look at the changes in blogrolls (blog pages).
  • How a blog role can be an effective and important tool for your website.
  • Why search engine optimization (SEO) is perfect for blogrolls.
  • What questions and information you should have on your blogrolls.
  • The importance of backlinks and using a call to action function.
  • Why you should never overpromise on your FAQ page.
  • A comparison of how smaller versus larger companies should structure their FAQ page.
  • Thinking from a customer’s perspective.
  • Using technology to enhance customer service rather than putting customers off.
  • What you should have on your contact page.
  • How to structure your contact page that allows customers to have multiple options. 
  • How customer service is not only for new customers.
  • Jennifer’s opinions on having and using a chatbot.

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