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Your Services or Product Pages: Should You Put Your Prices on Your Site?

August 18, 2022 Beacon Media + Marketing Season 1 Episode 14
The Beacon Way
Your Services or Product Pages: Should You Put Your Prices on Your Site?
Show Notes

Welcome to The Beacon Way Podcast! Today is our third episode on websites, and we’re talking specifically about why we think you should put your prices on your website, although it seems controversial! We will guide you through the ways to avoid awkward price conversations, get the best traffic from online ads, remove barriers to entry, and cultivate a connection with your clients. We’ll also cover what to have on your service page: from visuals, infographics, detailed information, and blogs, to before and afters. Listen in for some important do’s and don’ts, advice on being open and transparent, why to highlight your vendors, and more!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • A welcome to the third episode on websites!
  • A look at how much deeper you should go when advertising on a website.
  • Defining a good potential lead.
  • Why you cannot overshare information on your service pages.
  • Why an educational sharing style is best for a service that does not convert easily.
  • When you should use visuals, links, and customer reviews on your website's service page.
  • Why 2000 words per service page are ideal.
  • Breaking up your service page with visuals, infographics, detailed information, blogs, and before and afters. 
  • How to manage your service page (be specific!) to get the best out of Google ads.
  • Why you should put prices on your service pages.
  • How to get more traffic on your service pages.
  • The power of being open and transparent.
  • Why you shouldn't bait and switch, but rather be honest about your prices. 
  • Highlighting your vendors to get more clients.

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