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Build a Home and About Page People Want to Read

August 11, 2022 Beacon Media + Marketing Season 1 Episode 13
The Beacon Way
Build a Home and About Page People Want to Read
Show Notes

Welcome to another exciting episode of The Beacon Way Podcast! Today, our hosts Jennifer Christensen and Adrienne Wilkerson continue our series about websites. For our second episode in July, we are focussing on building a Home and About page that people want to read. We kick off by discussing what above-the-fold and below-the-fold mean and what you need to do in order to get them right: establish your unique selling position, credibility, reputation, and brand. Then, we find out that simple navigation works best, and our hosts provide a few tips on how you can accomplish this. You’ll learn why calls to action are essential, how to rank well on Google, why it’s important to answer pertinent questions on your Home and About pages, how to best build your About page, and why it is that your About page is actually your relationship-building page. Finally, our hosts tell us how Beacon has structured its About page and why, and how having many of your company’s staff on your About page can help create familiarity and build instant trust. You don’t want to miss this one! 

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Introducing today’s topic: “Build a Home and About Page people want to read.”
  • Above and below the fold: what they mean and why they’re still applicable today. 
  • Your Home page as your website’s prime real estate. 
  • What you need to accomplish in the above-the-fold spot. 
  • The unique selling position and establishing credibility, reputation, and brand. 
  • Making navigation as easy as possible and guiding your clients through your website.
  • Some tips on how to provide simple navigation.
  • What below-the-fold content looks like and how to rank well on Google. 
  • Providing a call to action during page/content breaks. 
  • Why it’s important to answer questions and be helpful through your website’s navigation.
  • The best practices when building your About page.
  • Jennifer explains why your About page is actually your relationship-building page.  
  • Beacon’s About page and why they have set it up that way. 
  • Key elements that your About page should have. 
  • Why having as many staff members on your About page is a good idea.
  • Creating familiarity and instant trust. 
  • Breaking down barriers by making it personal. 
  • Creative ways to solve the barrier issue. 
  • Upcoming topics: your Services and/or Products page. 

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