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Your Website is the Hub of Your Marketing

August 04, 2022 Beacon Media + Marketing Season 1 Episode 12
The Beacon Way
Your Website is the Hub of Your Marketing
Show Notes

Welcome to another engaging and informative episode of The Beacon Way with our hosts, Adrienne Wilkerson and Jennifer Christensen. We are sticking with the theme of building your brand and how to make sure that your marketing cultivates connection with your clients, and today and for the rest of the month we’re honing in on Websites because your website is the hub of all your marketing. As a start, we talk about what the goals of your website should be and the reason why your website needs to be effective. Then, we take a closer look at 5 goals, including your website as a means of clients getting to know you, the experience your website provides for its visitors, creating content that is geared towards your target market and having full knowledge of yourselves as a business and indeed your desired audience. We discuss why it’s essential to remove barriers and the type of research you need to be doing on the back end, before explaining what conversions are through some examples. Adrienne gives us her version of the history of websites, and one thing we know now is that, in 2022, a website validates your business: if you don’t have one, you probably don’t exist! Finally, we take a look at some upcoming topics, as well as a quick rundown of website navigation and your website’s basic foundation pages. Be sure to tune in! 

Key Points From This Episode:

  • What the goals of your website should be.
  • Why you need an effective website.
  • Goal 1: your website as the foundation for clients to get to know more about you.
  • Goal 2: the twofold experience your website provides: visual and ease of access. 
  • Why it’s important to remove barriers. 
  • Goal 3: driving website content toward answering the questions of your intended audience. 
  • Goal 4: understanding who you are and who your target market is. 
  • Doing the research on the back end. 
  • Goal 5: conversions. 
  • A website as your digital salesperson. 
  • What conversion means, and some examples. 
  • Taking the pre-qualification workload away from the internal staff and giving it to the website.
  • Adrienne gives us her perspective and a very brief history of websites.  
  • How websites validate businesses: if you don’t have one, you probably don’t exist!
  • COVID, remote work, and online businesses. 
  • Taking a look at upcoming topics: online reviews and putting prices on your website. 
  • Website navigation: keep it simple. 
  • The basic foundation pages of your website. 

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