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How Does The Beacon Way Help the Customer Through the Buying Process?

May 26, 2022 Beacon Media + Marketing Season 1 Episode 7
The Beacon Way
How Does The Beacon Way Help the Customer Through the Buying Process?
Show Notes

Welcome back to part two of our conversation about the buying process! In the previous episode, we explored customer expectations throughout the buying process, so make sure to and check out Episode 6 to learn more about that. Today, we further expand on how a company should interact and create an important relationship with its customers during all stages of the buying process. We’ll guide you through the different stages that customers go through, from research all the way to purchasing a product/service, and take you on a personal tour of The Beacon Way’s business model as a perfect example of how to help your clients understand their customer's goals. Next, we give you a guide to begin your own customer support journey by looking at how The Beacon Way helps with identifying problems, providing examples, and removing barriers. Tune in today to learn how to cultivate personal relationships and values, all while providing consistency, transparency, and customer autonomy!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • The aim of this podcast: identifying different stages of the marketing and buying process.
  • The problem stage: a risky topic that feels furthest away from a company’s goal of purchase. 
  • How educational content is provided when customers research their identified problems.
  • Why customers need to be self-selecting without feeling forced to make decisions.
  • How the Beacon Way can help identify problems,  provide examples, and remove barriers!
  • The research and evaluation stage; the importance of consistency within your branding.  
  • How, with your help, customers must move from identifying a problem to identifying a need. 
  • Giving enough information and resources so customers independently choose your product. 
  • The purchase stage: building a positive relationship and buying experience.
  • The value of transparency, responding to reviews, and honesty about your target market.
  • A look into how The Beacon Way helps you cultivate a personal relationship with clients. 

Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

Episode 6: What is the Customer Buying Process?

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