The Beacon Way

What is The Beacon Way?

May 05, 2022 Beacon Media + Marketing Season 1 Episode 4
The Beacon Way
What is The Beacon Way?
Show Notes

Oftentimes with digital marketing, there’s a lack of human-to-human contact, but the connection with your potential clients is crucial when it comes to marketing. The Beacon Way ensures that you, as a company, cultivate conversations and connections with your ideal clients. Welcome back to another episode of The Beacon Way Podcast, this is our first episode talking specifically about The Beacon Way, what it is, and why we believe it's going to revolutionize and help a lot of amazing people and companies out there. Join us as we share more on the details of The Beacon Way, how to bring back human-to-human connection into digital marketing, how important your website is to convert visitors into clients, and so much more. Make sure not to miss out! Enjoy!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Jennifer shares more about the Beacon Way and how it helps cultivate connections with a company's ideal clients.
  • How social media and digital marketing have transformed marketing as a whole.
  • How bringing back human-to-human connection into digital marketing transforms the whole buying process.
  • We discuss how the Beacon Way is formulated: tone, body language, and words.
  • The most important things for clients to see or experience when visiting your website.
  • Jennifer takes us through an example of how to evaluate your website.
  • The importance of removing barriers to converting a visitor to a client on your website.
  • We end with a recap of the important principles of cultivating connections with ideal clients.

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